Payment is due by the time of service.  

Self-Pay Rates

Indoor Counseling              $100/hr

Outdoor Counseling           $120/hr

Telehealth Counseling       $90/hr

Private Forest Therapy      $100/hr

Group Forest Therapy        $50/hr

Training & Consulting        $150/hr

Phone Consultation           $80/hr

Mediation                         $90/hr

Late cancellations <24hrs  $full session fee

Some clients decide to self-pay for counseling because:

Complete confidentiality

Insurances can request a treatment report

Insurances can have access to your records

Insurances can decide and limit the amount of sessions you are allowed

Sessions paid by insurance are for 45-50 minutes

Commercial/Private Plans:

Blue Cross & Blue Shield


United Health Care



Harvard Pilgrim


Group Insurance Commission

Senior Whole Health

Masshealth/Public Plans:

Berkshire Fallon Health Collaborative (ACO)​

Neighborhood Health Plan

MBHP (ACO/PCC Plans)-Community Care Cooperative, Partners HealthCare Choice, Steward Health Choice

BMC HealthNet Plan (MCO)

Teladoc-phone or online video consultation

Employee Assistance Program for ESI

Check with your insurance to find out if you need pre-authorization or any other information from the provider.  Health Savings Account payments are acceptable for counseling services.  

House calls and outdoor office sessions may require extra fees for travel time and/or activity access.